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These are some of the activities I have planned for today. Please note that most activities are geared towards younger children, but can also be adapted for older children. I try to note any different possibilities for each activity.
They are sorted by major skill category, but may work for multiple categories. Also, I have noted the theme each activity covers after the title in (blue parentheses).

Fine Motor Skills:

  • Print out a giant letter A or many letter As on a sheet of 8 1/2" by 11" paper. Have the kids trace the letter A with their finger, crayons, pencils, or whatever you have. (letter A)
  • Print out a giant hollow letter A and let the kids color it in any way they choose. (letter A)
  • Take a shallow pan or tray and fill it with sugar, rice, or pudding. Let the kids trace the letter A with their fingers or a stick. (letter A)
  • Look for the letter A wherever you go (books you read, signs you see, cereal boxes, etc).  Let the kids point them out first, but if they need some encouragement you can chime in, especially if it's in an unusual font.
  • Find items that begin with the letter A and collect them or draw them in a notebook. Then write the name of each one on a whiteboard or big piece of paper. Teach the kids how to pronounce each word and let them discuss or ask questions.
  • Teach the kids the letter A in sign language.


  1. Theses are such cool little everyday challenges!
    Thanks for linking up hun x

  1. @Kelly-Marie: Thanks for stopping by my humble beginnings. I will be posting new themes and activities every week. I am looking for new ideas all the time, so if you have any, send them my way.

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